Pre-School & Tactile

Genius Coder Programme

Pre-School & Tactile Modules

Robotics Junior with Dash & Dot

RS.0.1 - Robotics Junior with Dash

Software: Blocky
Hardware: Dash & Dot + Tablet / iPad

Block Programming Sensors

Students will learn to code and interact robot with anything but a mundane personality. Dash transforms virtual codes by students into tangible experiences, with its interactions and multitude of sensors.

Robotics Junior with Lego WeDo

RS.0.2 - Robotics Junior with Lego WeDo

Software: Lego Education
Hardware: Lego WeDo 2.0 Kit + Tablet / iPad

Block Programming Motors Sensors

In this module, students will learn of robotics combined with the modular aspects of Lego. Learners develop their problem solving skills and computational thinking as they traverse the various obstacles set up for them.

Game Development Junior with Scratch Jr

GD.0.1 - Game Development Junior with Scratch Jr

Software: Scratch Jr
Hardware: Tablet / iPad

Block Programming

This module introduces programming with just the right amount of fun and technicality for your young ones through Scratch Jr, a coding language and platform. As students design projects, they learn to solve problems and express themselves creatively.