Digital Maker

Genius Coder Programme

Digital Maker Modules

Digital Maker Junior with Neuron

MR.0.1 - Digital Maker Junior with Neuron

Software: mBlock
Hardware: Neuron Education Kit

Block Programming Sensors

Comprising over 30 electronic blocks, Neuron makes students’ codes a reality. This junior course provides the stimuli required to keep young learners focused as they take their first steps on their digital making journey. Student will build and code, absorbing various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) values.

Digital Maker Basic with Micro:Bit

MR.1.1 - Digital Maker Basic with Micro:Bit

Software: Microsoft MakeCode
Hardware: Micro:Bit Kit + Sensors & Actuators

Block Programming Micro-Controller Sensors Actuators LED Buzzers

This module explores the maker aspect of coding, allowing students to dive into the world of gadgets and electronics. Students will learn how to write computer codes using code blocks and transfer them to a BBC Micro:Bit (micro-controller).

Utilising various sensors, inputs and outputs from sensor and actuator extension kits, students will make and code their own maker projects.

Digital Maker Advanced with Raspberry Pi

MR.3.1 - Digital Maker Advanced with Raspberry Pi

Software: Python Programmeing
Hardware: Raspberry 4 Kit + Sensors & Actuators

Syntax Programming Python Programming Micro-Controller Camera

A handheld, programmable micro-computer that boasts infinite configurations. Loaded with multiple sensors, students are exposed to interdisciplinary fields as they build, code and solve challenges.