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The future global job market will demand people with the ability to code, or at least the ability to understand its nuances.

At home, Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, as outlined by our Prime Minister, will require a determined team of developers, designers and leaders who understand code and think critically. And the younger you start them, the better.
Learning to code itself cultivates a set of structured and logical thinking concepts, termed as Computational Thinking, which has far-reaching impacts across many facets of your child’s life.
Our courses are designed for children as young as 7. However, this is simply a guideline, as that is when most children gain enough understanding in natural languages and general knowledge.

Children as young as 5 can understand Computational Thinking through non-text teaching methods. If your child is already ahead of their peers, simply contact us and we will advise you on each individual child.
If your child has a smartphone or ever asked to play with the tablet, chances are he or she is already interested in one of technology’s many uses. Bring your child’s potential from behind the screen into the programmes that power it with our fun-filled courses. Our holiday camps, in particular, are designed to spark kids’ interests.
Roboto Coding Academy offers a very low 1:3 teacher-student ratio so that each child can receive close guidance from our instructors.

Our instructors are also of very high quality–they are MOE-registered STEM graduates with a range of teaching experiences.

Lastly, our curriculum is structured and progressive, such that our Genius Coders gradually build up a strong foundation in coding. They are also exposed to coding in different domains (games, mobile apps, website, maker, robotics).

Weekly Coding Classes

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Yes, you can sign up for free trials here. The trials are required as they also double as a pre-enrollment assessment so that we can create a curriculum that is personalised for your child.
Students will undergo a trial lesson and learn some of the programming languages that we teach in our Genius Coder Programme. There is also a short 10 to 15 minute parents’ consultation during the trial.
No, our curriculum is designed for children to learn effectively even without prior coding or computer background.
Our EPIC pedagogy builds a Personalised Curriculum Roadmap for each student to ensure the programme is suitable for him/her.
Our costs are driven mainly by the quality of our instructors and the cutting-edge technology-education tools we use to teach in class.

Our prices are already set at the lowest possible for a sustainable academy delivering quality education.
Each child will be required to have their own laptop and to bring it along every class. All other equipment such as Tablets, Robots & Maker kits will be provided by the centre. Students without laptops may request for a loan subject to availability and extra charges.
Our class size consists of about 2 to 12 students.

We guarantee a 1:3 Teacher-Student ratio for all our courses. So, if a class has only 5 pupils, we would still assign 2 instructors.
Roboto Coding Academy collaborates with our working partners to co-host competitions and also sources for national competitions to participate. Our students are encouraged to sign up for competitions and Roboto Coding Academy will help with the registration and preparation.


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Drop an email to or call us at +65 9193 8589 to find out more about the programmes we offer and the number of sessions for the programmes
This depends on the resources available for each school and will differ depending to the programme. Rental options are also available for the hardware. Drop an email to or call us at +65 9193 8589 to find out more.