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Does your child love gaming? Do you think they're intellectually gifted, curious, driven, and passionate about programming? Roboto Coding Academy offers game design and scratch programming for kids to bring their two interests together! See below for more information about our courses.
Game Developer Basic with Scratch 3.0

GD.1.1 - Game Developer Basic with Scratch 3.0

Software: Scratch 3.0
Hardware: Laptop

Block Programming 2D

In this module of scratch programming for kids, students will be taught the workings of Scratch, working to craft their personal games, animations and stories. As they explore its functionalities, students learn to think systematically and creatively.

Students will go from creating simple games and animations with few mechanics, to complex and expanded workings. They are challenged to think out of the box and exposed to more advanced methods for content creation.

Game Developer Basic with Minecraft Education

GD.1.3 - Game Developer Basic with Minecraft Education

Software: Minecraft Education
Hardware: Laptop

Block Programming 3D

What better way is there to teach students computational thinking while making sure that they do not lose focus? In this module students combine their favourite “block-based” game, Minecraft, with block-based coding.

With an agent acting as a medium, students will be taught how to program their agent to assist their character in performing complex tasks. From building a tower to making a farm, the agent grants students a helicopter view of how individual codes can affect the overall action process.

As students code and craft a brand new world and rules, they can invite others to explore their creations and learn how their script can have tangible effects on those around them.

Game Developer Intermediate with Game Maker Studio 2

GD.2.1 - Game Developer Intermediate with Game Maker Studio 2

Software: Game Maker Studio 2
Hardware: Laptop

Syntax Programming Game Maker Language Programming 2D

Students will learn about this intuitive and professional 2D game development environment that enables for progressively complex game animation, art and coding. Watch as their imagination is pushed to the limits, as they ideate their concepts into reality.

Game Developer Advanced with Unity

GD.3.1 - Game Developer Advanced with Unity

Software: Unity Engine
Hardware: Laptop

Syntax Programming C# Programming 3D

In this course, students will become a part of the game making community, utilizing a software which half of the games in the world are based on. Students will explore the principles of 3D game design, developing their understanding of the real world sciences, as they seek to emulate the environment.

Let your child learn the wonders of game development and let them create and design their very own game!