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CCA Training

We help to support and consult CCA Clubs for holistic training and competition preparations. Engage us to customize a comprehensive CCA training programme for your club.

Robotics CCA Training


Competition Focus
Fundementals Development

Lego EV3 Lego WeDo mBot CoSpace RoboCup Flip Robot

Be it robotics fundemental training or robotoics competition preparation, our team have coaching experiences with more than 100 MOE & international school CCA clubs. Our programe embraces differential learning and cultivate self-directed learners to help them achieve their goals.

Coding Competition Training

Winner of MakeX 2019 Robotics Competition - Bukit Panjang Primary

Competition Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring
Capability Development
Multi-Year Training

Hackathon Robotics International

Joining competition promote students' engagement and cultivate grit as they would be required to stay long on their problem and challenges. Beside advanced technical skillsets gain during the course, students will also hone their soft skills such as pitching and presentation.

ICT Club CCA Training

Info-Comm Technology

Technology Education
Industry Relevant Skills
Maker Space Integration

Mobile App Dev Data Analytics Coding IoT Game Design Digital Maker

We work with ICT CCA Clubs to roll out technology education course of the latest trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), mobile app design and data analytics.

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