Our Pedagogy

Our Three Core Principles for a Student-Centric Education

We believe in providing a student-centric education. Hence, we have structured our curriculum & learning environment around the following three core principles

Computational Thinking

Instead of telling students what to do, Roboto Coding Academy teaches our students how to think. Through decomposition, pattern recognition, generation, and writing algorithms, students will hone their analytical skills to become better programmers, thinkers, and problem-solvers.

Self-Directed Learning

Roboto Coding Academy recognises the importance of nurturing an independent student. Our innovative and interactive curriculum inculcates essential habits of self-reflection, curiosity and inquiry to kickstart your child’s lifelong learning journey.

Self-Directed Learning
Personalized Learning


Every Child is different. Roboto Coding Academy provides a Personalised Curriculum Roadmap customised to fit your Child’s needs and maximise their potential. Our 1:3 Teacher-Student ratio and 1:1 Kit-Student ratio also means our students won’t need to wait for the attention they deserve

Unlocking your Child’s Potential with our EPIC Pedagogy

Engaging & Progressive Information-Technology Curriculum (EPIC)

Engaging & Progressive Information-Technology Curriculum (EPIC)

We recognize that every child is different. To better cater to each individual’s interest, aptitude, and background, the EPIC pedagogy utilizes a fully customizable, ultra modular approach to build a Personalised Curriculum Roadmap that is both Progressive and Engaging.

Progressive Learning

Progressive Curriculum

When it comes to learning, we believe in having a growth mindset. Our modules are organised and structured by difficulty to suit each student’s ability level, allowing our students to progressively improve their skillsets and knowledge.