Junior Maker3 Half Days Camp

Course Information

3 Half Days
9 Hours
Discover the power of technology through building your very own robots. Deep drive into robotics assembly and code your robot to complete missions.
Key Learning Outcomes
  • Understand coding fundamentals such as loops, events, conditionals and variables
  • Hone computational thinking skills
  • Assemble and program a robot to carry out tasks
  • Learn about line tracking and obstacle avoidance.
Age Ages 7 - 8
Location Novena (Goldhill Centre)
Class Size Small classes
1:4 Teacher-Student Ratio
Camp Name Junior Maker
Dates & Times 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Option Week 1
  • 21 Nov (Mon)
  • 22 Nov (Tue)
  • 23 Nov (Wed)
Option Week 2
  • 28 Nov (Mon)
  • 29 Nov (Tue)
  • 30 Nov (Wed)
Option Week 3
  • 05 Dec (Mon)
  • 06 Dec (Tue)
  • 07 Dec (Wed)
Option Week 4
  • 12 Dec (Mon)
  • 13 Dec (Tue)
  • 14 Dec (Wed)
Fees U.P. $ 350 290*
* Price after Early Bird Discount

Subjects Taught

Robotics Junior

Course Outline

Day 1Monday Day 2Tuesday Day 3Wednesday
Afternoon Robotics Junior
Coding with Dash the Robot
LEGO WeDo Robotics
Build & Code
Building Transporter Bot
Day 1
Robotics Junior
Coding with Dash the Robot
Day 2
LEGO WeDo Robotics
Build & Code
Day 3
Building Transporter Bot

Learning Objectives

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Coding with Dash the Robot
Robotics Junior
  • Learn how to code a robot to carry out tasks
  • Solve puzzles and challenges with little robot helper
  • Explore robotic sensors, LEDs and motors
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Build & Code
LEGO WeDo Robotics
  • Learn how to assemble a functioning robot from its components
  • Robotics programming and mechanisms
  • Understand concepts of gearings, axles, motors etc
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Building Transporter Bot
  • Write codes that assist Robo to perform line tracing
  • Use of infra-red sensor to detect obstacles and line tracks
  • Program the robot to complete its missions and tasks

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