Drones & Beyond!3 Half Days Camp

Course Information

3 Half Days
9 Hours
Create your own virtual reality experience and learn how to fly and program your drone.
Key Learning Outcomes
  • Understand coding fundamentals such as loops, events, conditionals and variables
  • Hone computational thinking skills
  • Application of immersive virtual reality
  • Develop your own artificial intelligence
  • Hands on with game design and development process
  • Learn how to code and fly a drone as well as aerodynamics
Age Ages 7 - 8
Location Novena (Goldhill Centre)
Class Size Small classes
1:4 Teacher-Student Ratio
Camp Name Drones & Beyond!
Camp Theme Nature x Tech
Dates & Times 1.00pm - 4.00pm

  • 7 Sept (Mon)
  • 8 Sept (Tue)
  • 9 Sept (Wed)
Misc Snacks provided
Fees U.P. $ 345 285*
* Price after Early Bird Discount

Subjects Taught

Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality

Course Outline

Day 1Monday Day 2Tuesday Day 3Wednesday
Afternoon Virtual Reality
Immersive Journey
Flight Racing
A.I. Game Design
Bearstack machine Learning
Day 1
Virtual Reality
Immersive Journey
Day 2
Flight Racing
Day 3
A.I. Game Design
Bearstack Machine Learning

Learning Objectives

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Bearstack Machine Learning
A.I. Game Design
  • Learn to develop a functional image & speech recognizer
  • Grasp basic concepts of articial intelligence & machine learning
  • Train your A.I. game program with video camera
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Immersive Journey
Virtual Reality
  • Understand principles of Virtual Reality and its applications
  • Develop a virtual reality interactive game
  • Craft your own VR world and immerse in it
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Flight Racing
  • Understand concepts of drone flying and aerodynamics
  • Drone programming and mechanisms
  • First Person View (FPV) drone racing

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