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Career Options For Kids Who Learn Robotics

Career Options For Kids Who Learn Robotics

Throughout the world, robotics is integral to the functioning of workplaces, whether performing time-consuming or risky duties, or gathering and analysing vital data. Today, there is a growing interest in robotics, which is why focusing efforts on enhancing children's abilities that align with this field can be immensely beneficial.

The introduction of robotics classes at school allows children to assess their abilities and discover their potential. Identifying interests early can help a child choose a career and prepare for it smoothly. Having learned the basics of robotics at the school level, kids can continue their education in subjects that qualify them for a career in robotics. Interested in knowing what your children's future may look like if they learn robotics? Let’s take a look at some of the few career options available to someone who has studied robotics!

1. Robotics Technician

Robotics Course technician in singapore

By taking our robotics courses for kids, they can develop the skills they need to achieve success in STEM careers, such as Robotics Technician. A Robotics Technician's role involves testing and maintaining robotic systems created by robotics engineers. Besides being in the business of robots, robotics technicians are also in the business of customer service, since they are responsible for communicating with customers who use the products regularly.

In order to work as a robot technician, it is necessary to have good hearing, colour vision, and eyesight. As a technician working on a machine, it is vital to be able to detect even the smallest changes in sound or physical appearance because it may indicate a potential maintenance issue. Additionally, the technician's vision is crucial to assembling the machine accurately.

Robotics technicians serve as a critical conduit between customers and robotics engineers. For a career as a robotics technician, an associate's degree or a vocational certificate is required.

2. Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer in Singapore

Engineers in the robotics field design robots that can perform tasks that humans are unable to or prefer not to perform. iRobot Roomba, for example, is designed to assist humans in doing mundane tasks like vacuuming.

The arrangement of detectors used by robots to recognize its surroundings and respond accordingly is largely determined by robotics engineers. Additionally, testing and refining tasks fall under the responsibility of the robotics engineer.

These tasks overlap slightly with the responsibilities of a robotics technician. Our robotics classes give students a glimpse into the world of robotics engineering, which gives them a great chance to prepare for the Direct School Admission (DSA) interview process, which is crucial in the selection process and a great stepping stone for their future careers.

3. Sales Engineer

It is also possible to pursue a career in sales engineering. These engineers are in charge of selling complex machinery. Since these specialists are familiar with the operation and design of products in robotic companies, they can advertise the products more effectively. Customer feedback can also be used to refine the product.

An individual with a bachelor's in robotics will be better prepared to become a competent sales engineer. A sales engineer spends a considerable amount of time travelling to different locations. Those who enjoy travelling will be well suited for this career.

4. Software Developer

Soft developer robotics course in singapore

Children who love coding and robotics are likely to enjoy a career in software development. The internal functions of the robot are taken care of by a software developer. Code-savvy kids will especially enjoy taking on this task.

Software developers can learn coding languages, virus detection, and protection as part of their robotics education. Software developers are responsible for translating human language into machine language to convey instructions to robots.

5. Robotics Operator

It is true that robots can reduce human efforts and save time, but they cannot do either of these things without human assistance. The robots need constant and consistent control, which is where the role of a robotics operator comes in.

If a customer experiences a problem with the product, the robotics operators solve it. Generally, the robotics operator connects customers with the creators, such as robotic engineers or technicians.

Unleash Your Kids’ Potential At Roboto

It is a wise decision for many to pursue a career in robotics because of the lucrative nature of the work. Robotics-specific jobs often pay incredibly well since they typically involve highly important processes that are integral to a company or organization, such as the maintenance of advanced analytical computers or the programming of complex machinery.

Additionally, careers in Robotics offer people the chance to work with cutting-edge technology capable of changing the way we live.

At Roboto, we believe robotics is an excellent career choice for older kids. Moreover, we offer robotics courses that are sure to provide them with valuable experience. The coding competitions we send our students allow them to develop confidence, and demonstrate their aptitude and technical knowledge. Contact us today to learn more about how our Genius Coder Programme can prepare your kids for their DSA interview!