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How Robotics Can Enhance Your Child's Learning At School

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The mathematical and scientific subjects have never held much interest for most students, since too much technical detail makes them uninteresting. Many teachers have tried strategies to enthuse students about STEM subjects in the past, but robots have proven to be a highly effective way to get kids interested in STEM.

Children find robots naturally exciting and fun. Oftentimes, they associate robotics classes with their favourite cartoons or superheroes. The ability to actually build and use robots is a great way to incorporate STEM into the curriculum without boring the students. Read on as we explore how our robotics classes can benefit your child’s learning.

1. Teaching with robots goes beyond technical skills

Technology and STEM fields are typically associated with robots. Learning to build and program robots, however, isn't the only educational benefit of playing with robots. Using robots can teach problem-solving skills, encourage students to work cooperatively, and more.

Problem-based learning is a popular application of robots. As part of this approach, students are presented with a problem to solve. In place of following the directions of a teacher, students find their own solutions to problems. As a result, creativity, critical thinking, and cooperation are encouraged, all of which are essential 21st century skills.

A perfect example of problem-based learning in our robotics classes for kids is asking students to manipulate a robot to do a task (like picking up a pencil across the room). The students will be overwhelmed by the opportunity to play with a robot and won't even realise they're learning.

2. Assisting students with disabilities through robots

robotics classes for kids robots assisting disabled

There is a lot to learn about robotics that isn't just for tech-savvy students. Students with disabilities can gain additional benefits from playing and learning with robots. Autistic students in particular may be very responsive to robots.

Autism affects a person's ability to interact with others. Often, autistic children will have difficulties communicating with peers and adults, reading facial expressions, and understanding social cues. Autism students who shy away from human interaction are more likely to open up to a robot, and they face less risk of failure or embarrassment when dealing with the robot. A robot can be used to teach social skills to students with autism without the pressure of interaction with actual people. Robotics course for kids is therefore a more inclusive subject and can be used by students of all abilities as robots can be programmed to suit each individual need.

3. Preparing students for a competitive workforce of the future

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Our robotics classes for kids help develop the skills necessary for them to succeed in STEM careers in the future. Programming robots is a great way to discover if a student's talent and interests coincide with skills that will define the future job market, such as programming, science and technology.

Student involvement in the development of a robot enhances their engineering intuition as well as their ability to apply their knowledge to meaningful problem-based learning. Education robotics builds problems-solving, computational thinking, higher order reasoning, and logical and analytical reasoning skills that will be fundamental to many professions in the future.

Enrol Your Kids In Our Robotics Course

Today, robotics classes are rising in popularity, and allowing students to use robots and learn how they work can be extremely beneficial for them. It not only introduces students to subjects like computer programming, math, and science, but may also inspire them to consider careers they may never have thought of before.

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