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Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn Robotics

In a world where new technologies emerge every few years, changing the way people learn and work, how are we preparing our future generations to adapt to the constantly changing digital world?

Robotics is one of the technologies that is altering the global industrial scene and the way businesses operate. It is a fascinating topic that provides opportunities for children by introducing them to complex subjects such as programming and engineering in a fun and interactive manner.

Aside from being an interesting topic, what other advantages does it provide for our children? Here are a few reasons why children should learn robotics.

1. A fun introduction to programming

Programming is an important subject today because so much of our world is automated. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the evolution of a digital landscape, where humans must learn to coexist with digital platforms, machines, and computers.

While it is relatively simple for adults to learn programming and technological skills, getting children interested in programming has proven to be difficult. This is where robotics classes for kids can be useful. It transforms the seemingly boring process of programming into an enjoyable process of producing a tangible “toy” that is enjoyable and fun for children.

With a basic understanding of programming, children can learn to program even more complex functions in a robot, such as getting them to move or dance. Throughout this process, you will find that your child is more willing to explore more complex coding and programming work, which can be useful for many IT, Science, and Mathematical education paths and careers in the future. 

2. Excellent skill for future career development

Many IT-related skill sets have become essential components of our modern workforce, where programming, coding, and website development are highly sought-after skills. With more businesses switching to IT-based systems, services becoming more complex, and businesses looking for innovative ways to put their brand on a digital platform, the demand for these skills will only continue to grow.

By the time your child is ready for the workforce, these skills could lead to very lucrative career paths. Even if your child does not pursue a career in technology, the skills they learn in the robotics course can help them in a variety of other fields, such as website design, game development, and other similar fields.

Many secondary schools in Singapore even offer Direct School Admission (DSA) programmes for children who have performed exceptionally well in robotics because of the potential these children have.

3. Develops their problem-solving skills

The purpose of robotics is to design and programme robots that can assist in problem solving and performing tasks that humans may be unable to perform. Signing your child up for robotics classes gives them the opportunity to think about problems that humans may face on a daily basis and try to solve them with these robots.

Furthermore, programming a robot requires a great deal of patience and trial and error. Sending your child to a robotics course or even allowing them to compete in robotics competition for kids provides a platform for them to develop critical thinking skills. It teaches them how to think quickly and intelligently in order to come up with solutions for various problems.

4. Encourages curiosity and creativity

Robotics classes for kids can be an excellent activity for stimulating creativity and a curious mind, in addition to developing critical problem-solving skills. Robotics combines learning, creativity, and self-expression, allowing children to think outside the box and intellectually express themselves through robots. 

They get the freedom to design their own robots based on their creativity and interests, which helps them develop deeper creative thinking skills. Every new milestone they experience with the robots will also spark their curiosity, encouraging them to dive deeper into the subject to learn more. 

5. Prepares them for a technological future

Technology will become a necessity in the future as it continues to expand and advance. This means that future generations will need to have a basic understanding of the digital world and the technology that surrounds it. 

Even if your child decides to not go down the technology career path, robotics classes for kids will help develop their confidence and fluency in all types of technology, which will be invaluable skillsets as they grow older. 

Digital literacy is important and we believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to explore the world of technology. This is why at Roboto, we partner with schools to offer world-class robotics classes to kids in Singapore to give them a platform to learn. Find out more about our robotics classes for kids.