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Here's Why Coding Is An Important Skill For Children To Have

child using the computer for coding

As the saying goes, “coding is today’s language of creativity”, which probably explains why it has become increasingly popular among individuals and even children. 

But as parents, you may also be wondering whether it is really necessary to sign your children up for coding classes in Singapore

Well, coding for children has many benefits and here are some of them that will convince you to let your kids pick up this fun and useful skill. 

Stimulates creativity

One of the most common reasons parents sign their kids up for coding workshops is to stimulate their creative juices because learning how to code is like learning a new language. It encourages children to unleash their brainpower to experiment and come up with solutions. 

Helps develop essential skills

Coding for children can also help them to develop essential skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills can then be translated to real-world situations in the future, assisting them in having an edge over their peers.

Prospective career opportunities

Computer programming is a great career option for those who want to receive a good salary and work traditional office job hours. It is also a highly sought after role since technology is constantly evolving and there will always be a need for computer programmers to build, update, test and fix software programs. You will not know if this is something your children want as a career in the near future, but it will not hurt to expose them to coding to help shape their interests. Getting them started is easy since there are many coding classes available in Singapore.

Improves writing skills

Although coding for children does not seem like there is any link to improving their writing skills, you will be surprised to learn that it actually could. Good writers convey their thoughts in a concise and succinct manner, while good programmers know how to write codes without confusing the computer with unnecessary codes that will lead to unwanted outcomes. In a way, they are similar because your children will learn how to do away with the excess while coding, which may convert into making them better writers.

Encourages planning

Everybody knows that planning is important, especially when it comes to major decisions in life. If you want your children to understand the importance of planning ahead, signing them up for a coding workshop might do the trick. Before writing a code, programmers will have to anticipate what their end goal is to prevent the outcome from becoming a jumbled up mess. This forces them to plan before executing, which is also a noteworthy skill to possess. 

Gives them a headstart when applying to schools

Are your children looking to apply to their preferred secondary school in Singapore via the Direct School Admission program? Then getting them ready before their application may help to give them a headstart. Certain skills that students are required to possess include python programming, website design and game design. The good news is that learning how to code will help your children in these areas, putting them at the forefront during the portfolio and selection process. 

Feeling convinced and want to let your children learn how to code? Consider joining Roboto’s coding classes. We are a coding academy in Singapore with world-class programs to engage your children. Contact us today to find out more.