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How To Introduce Your Kids To Coding


Coding has become a popular topic of conversation these days as coding has emerged as the most in-demand skill in recent years. Technology is changing almost every aspect of our everyday lives - from the way we do business, to how we travel from one place to another and even the way we shop. Technologies are changing rapidly now, and more shifts are expected in the future.

Due to this, thousands of new jobs are being created, and a significant number of current jobs are also being repurposed. In these circumstances, learning coding and programming skills become necessary for those seeking the best career prospects or for those looking to upgrade their existing skills. It is always best to start them young, so if you are wondering how you can introduce coding to your kids, here are some ways they can learn coding early on! 

Talk about the different coding languages

To code is simply to tell a computer what to do, which means there must be a specific way to communicate. There is only one issue: coding languages take many forms and perform various functions. In a similar fashion to speaking with people from all over the world, different coding languages must be used in order to communicate effectively with different machines.

Coding languages like Javascript, Java, Python, and C++ are all widely used and each of which has its own specific purpose. Here’s a breakdown of the different coding languages and what they are used for:

Scratch programming is a block-based coding language for kids that encourages visual learning through the use of code chunks that can be dragged and dropped to create characters and games.

JavaScript is commonly used on websites and other client-facing applications. Most interactive websites and games you've encountered utilise JavaScript. 

Java is one of the most common and widely used coding languages. Java was used to create the popular game Minecraft, and if kids equip themselves with Java skills, they can build and include their own Minecraft mods. 

The Lua programming language is a great choice for game developers. Similarly, if your child is more interested in Roblox than Minecraft, they can make a Roblox game by using Lua.

Get your child fascinated about learning to code

Image of a child playing roblox

In order to get your kids psyched about learning to code, you should connect coding with their current interests. This includes pairings such as Java and Minecraft, Lua and Roblox, Python and artificial intelligence, as well as visual coding with LEGO. Even if your child's interests aren't tech-related, you'll be glad to discover that coding has a lot to do with a lot of other things in life, making it simple for parents to tie their children's interests to the influence of coding.

Start by encouraging your children to do a little bit of light reading on coding. When they are taking a break from studying, have them watch quick videos on programming and coding. Having this knowledge will inspire them to tell their friend or family member about coding. By talking to someone about coding, they will learn about it better.

Ease your kids into coding classes

Image of a kid using scratch programming

As you begin to accomplish the basic tasks of getting your kids interested in coding, you'll be able to get them started with introductory coding platforms. Here are a few examples of simple coding platforms:

Scratch programming

Scratch is not only a visual programming language but also a learning platform and community for beginners. Kids can create stories, games, and animations on it, and then share them with their like-minded peers around the world. offers a number of self-paced coding learning options, including full courses and one-hour tutorials. Continuing with what was mentioned beforehand about connecting with other, already established interests, much of the programming offered by is grounded in things like Angry Birds and Minecraft, or coding a dance party with Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran. 

Enlist professional help from a coding school

image of a kid in a coding class

Regardless of how hard we try, it's inevitable that parents will run into obstacles when teaching their kids to code. The problem might be an advanced concept or simply keeping your child engaged and motivated. Online information and self-paced learning options are plentiful, but face-to-face learning has certain advantages when compared with strict online learning. Here at Roboto, our coding classes encourage two-way communication. Our coding school also offers a personalised curriculum designed to meet the needs and maximize the potential of your child.

Sign Your Kids Up For A Coding Holiday Program

We rely on coding for so many aspects of our daily lives, and it's only natural that coding will become even more important in the future. Despite the fact that coding is viewed as a valuable skill that is increasing in popularity, access to coding courses is limited for kids and teens, or may not be largely explored yet. As a result, it may be worthwhile for parents to consider teaching kids to code; at least to see if it will be something their kids enjoy.

If it ends up being something they enjoy, join our weekly coding classes here at Roboto! Our goal is to shape young minds by equipping them with basic coding skills to prepare them for the digital world. 

Contact us today to learn more about our coding holiday program this coming November and December!