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Coding Courses That Will Help Express Your Child’s Inner Artist


Many people believe that robotics courses and coding classes are only for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. However, at Roboto, the coding classes go beyond computer sciences and coding. With courses such as game design for kids, virtual reality, and mobile app development, enrolling your artistically inclined kids in a coding school will only nurture their creativity even further.

Take a look at some of the activities your child can look forward to when he or she enrols in our coding classes, designed to encourage their creativity and spark their imagination!

Create simple games and animations


In a game design course for kids, your child will learn the basics of Scratch, where they can create their own games, animations, and stories. Through exploring the functionalities of the software, students will develop their creative and systematic thinking skills. As they go through the course, students will go from creating simple games and animations with fewer mechanics to developing more complex and intricate works. Being exposed to more advanced methods of content creation challenges them to think out of the box and step out of their comfort zone.

If you're worried about your kids' screen time, a course in game design for kids could be a good idea to expand their skills. Game design goes beyond simply playing video games, it teaches kids valuable skills that they can carry over into the real world as well! 

Develop user-friendly mobile applications


Apart from game design, students can also choose to learn how to develop mobile applications. Learning to develop a user-friendly mobile application is a highly sought-after skill especially in this digitally connected age. Enrolling your kids in our App Development module will expose them to the fundamentals of MIT App Inventor. MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that empowers them to build a mobile application from scratch without the traditional programming syntax. Don't worry if your kids have no programming or robotics background, as we have designed and structured each of our coding classes based on the difficulty level (Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) to allow each child to learn and grow at their own pace.

If your child is into creating content, the App Development module may pique their interest. The course will equip our students with skills on how to use the Android Studio software, a one-stop development system so that they can develop their own mobile applications for any Android platform. With this software, they will have the opportunity of turning their creative ideas and imagination into physical applications as they gain skills in designing intuitive user interfaces and user interactions. 

When they develop an app, they're encouraged to think beyond the norms and curate a storyline for their app. As children learn to design apps, they also gain the ability to keep users engaged for a long time. Thus, app development bolsters your child's creativity to build apps that fulfil future needs and solve real-world problems. 

Build imaginative virtual worlds

Our Virtual Reality module is another programme that you can consider for your artistically inclined child. Taking this course will allow them to experience CoSpaces Education, a software that blends engaging design elements with creative block-based coding. As your child explores the functionalities of this software, they'll be able to create all sorts of things in 3D: an immersive virtual tour, an interactive storyline, a virtual exhibition, experiments in 3D, and playing the games they’ve designed!

Encourage Creative Minds With Roboto’s Coding Classes

Game design is a great way to get kids interested in coding and computer science. This program is designed to serve as both a way to teach children skills they will need for the future and a way to cultivate their talents and creativity. 

Roboto is a coding school in Singapore that focuses on developing self-directed and innovative learners by providing a personalised learning environment that motivates its students to think outside the box. 

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