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A Day In The Life Of A Roboto Coding Coach

A Day in the Life of A Roboto Coding Coach
A Day in the Life of A Roboto Coding Coach

It is not surprising that programming classes for kids are rapidly becoming more popular these days. Technology is so heavily ingrained in society today that preparing your children for the digital future is one of the most important things you can do for them. Enrolling them in a coding holiday program when school's out is one way to help them attain this skill. 

Kids who learn coding at a young age are setting themselves up for a lifetime of success in our technology-driven society. Today, we share more about how the coaches conduct coding classes at Roboto and how they structure their curriculum.

Encourage computational thinking

At Roboto, our coaches believe in providing a learning environment that encourages computational thinking. Instead of instructing the students step-by-step and telling them what to do, our coaches encourage them to think for themselves. Coding and computational thinking are commonly associated with problem-solving. Computational thinking involves thinking critically about problems and finding the best solution through a four-step process: decomposition, pattern recognition, abstractions and algorithms. As they work through this four-step process in our coding classes, they develop analytical skills that help them become better programmers, thinkers, and problem-solvers. 

In the course of learning coding, kids become familiar and eventually comfortable with problem-solving techniques. As they become more accustomed to writing, rewriting, troubleshooting, and debugging lines upon lines of code, it becomes second nature for them to go through the steps and accomplish the tasks efficiently. 

Inculcate habits of self-reflection

A Student Presenting Her Code in Class
A Student Presenting Her Code in Class

Our coaches encourage independent learning through self-directed learning. Taking charge of your own learning can be as simple as discovering new information and critically analysing it, actively participating and contributing in class, or designing your own learning path by choosing your own resources and information. We recognise that there is great importance in nurturing an independent student who wants to take charge of their own learning, which is why our curriculum focuses on cultivating self-reflection and curiosity habits. This is done through the activities conducted by our coaches in our coding classes. Rather than simply relying on the information provided, we guide our students to investigate the source and impact of various perspectives in the classroom. Here are a few examples of how we apply self-directed learning in our coding classes:

  • Engaging students in activities that promote weighing outcomes, taking all possible outcomes into consideration
  • Encouraging kids to do Mind Mapping or create Infographics to acknowledge different perspectives
  • Comparing and contrasting maps help students identify differences
  • Through reflective techniques such as journaling and dialogue, students get the opportunity to explore the emotional implications and effects on social situations and the collective environment

Personalised learning environment

Teacher with a student in a Coding Class
Teacher with a student in a Coding Class

The coding classes here are structured around a Personalised Curriculum Roadmap that aims to cater to your child’s needs. Every child is different and unique in their own ways, and we embrace that by customising our curriculum and ensuring that we fully maximise every one of our students’ potential. In our coding school, classes are relatively small since we have a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:3, so all of our students will receive the attention they deserve.

Progressive Learning In Roboto’s Coding Classes

Learning should be approached with a growth mindset. The modules at Roboto are designed and structured based on difficulty (Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) to meet the needs of each student, allowing every one of them to progress in their learning and skill sets at their own pace.

Roboto is a coding school in Singapore that aims to develop innovative and self-motivated students by providing personalised class curriculums that encourage self-directed learning. Contact us today to learn more about our coding holiday program!