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Game Design For Kids: It's More Than Just Playing Video Games

kid design racing game
kid design racing game

If your kids spend a lot of time playing video games, it might not be a bad thing after all. Games are no longer seen as merely something kids play for fun. Today, video gaming is a billion-dollar industry and it has provided many job opportunities. 

So, if you’re worried about your kids’ screen time, channelling their passion into a game design course for kids may be a good idea. Learning game design goes beyond playing video games - it teaches kids relevant skills that they can apply in the real world as well. 

Read on as we dive deeper into the merits of learning game design for kids and learn how coding classes can prep your kids for the digital future: 

Encourages creativity

Kids are naturally creative by nature. As such, the best time to nurture a child's creativity is when they are still young and unafraid to try new things. Video gaming is inherently a creative industry, which is why enrolling them in a game design course for kids will encourage them to think creatively. Designing their own game from scratch gives them the opportunity to bring their own stories to life. Games with storylines, for instance, are a great design thinking exercise for children. Through these games, kids get to be explorers who set out on exciting adventures, encountering unconventional challenges and being required to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions in order to succeed. 

A game design course for kids will introduce them to scratch programming, where they will learn basic coding techniques and be able to create their own games, animations, and stories. As they explore the functionalities of Scratch 3.0, a programming software, they learn to think systematically and creatively.

Fosters social interaction

fun coding class
fun coding class

Encouraging your kids to learn coding in a game design class is a wonderful way to connect them with other kids with similar interests. Coding classes offer kids the chance to work together as a team, which allows them to grow and develop in a social setting. Besides, children aren't all born extroverts; some may have difficulty fitting in and making friends in real life. When kids find it difficult to socialise in reality, they often turn to video games to make new friends. In fact, with everyone isolated due to the pandemic, playing video games helps kids socialise and have become a gateway to experiencing social interactions.

Video games also give them something to talk about in school. As with sports and movies, games are a popular topic of conversation among kids nowadays. Kids who struggle to come up with topics to talk about may benefit from an interest in gaming.

Develops practical skills

young puzzle solving
young puzzle solving

Game design courses teach more than just technical skills; they also teach a variety of practical skills that kids can apply in the real world as well. Due to the project-based nature of game design, it provides an opportunity for teamwork as well as problem-solving concepts. Kids gain hands-on experience with technology when they learn coding. They don’t just learn how to use technology, but how to control and alter it to their liking. Students taking a game design course will eventually learn skills that can be applied to real-life situations. Among these skills are trial and error, problem-solving, and dealing with repetition. 

There are some games that help kids develop specific skills. For instance, children are required to read maps in most mystery and adventure games. By doing so, they are able to acquire map reading skills as well as practical thinking skills.

Opportunity for video gaming careers

With the video game industry growing so rapidly, there are hundreds of career paths available to your children. Game design courses for kids can be an excellent stepping stone to a number of potentially well-paying careers such as coding, marketing, and graphic design. A game design course could be something you may want to consider enrolling your kids in during the upcoming school holidays if you are concerned about their overindulgence in video games! For all you know, video games may just spark a career interest in your child.

Game design for kids

Playing video games is a popular pastime for people of all ages, whether they play on desktops, consoles, or phones. As technology continues to improve, the video game market keeps growing, which makes a video game design course more relevant than ever before.Roboto is a coding school in Singapore that aims to shape young minds by providing them with basic programming skills to prepare them for the digital future. Contact us today to learn more about our Holiday Tech Camp this coming September!