Genius Coder Programme
Genius Coder Programme

Is the Genius Coder Programme Suitable for My Child?

“Digital literacy could well be considered a critical third form of literacy for the future”, says Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung. As the digital world becomes increasingly commonplace in our lives, many Singaporean parents are jumping on the digital bandwagon to prepare their children for the future. But how do you even begin?

This is where Roboto Coding Academy’s Genius Coder Programme can be the start of your child’s coding journey. To guide you along on what the programme is about, we have (hypothetical parents) Anna and Adam* who will ask the burning questions you are likely to have about the Genius Coder Programme.

*Anna and Adam are working parents who are not very familiar with digital literacy but know that this and other related skills, like Computational Thinking, are important for their young son and daughter to embrace for their future.

Anna: What is the Genius Coder Programme?

Roboto Coding Academy (RCA): The Genius Coder Programme (GCP) is our coding academy’s technology education programme that promotes Code Literacy in youths. These weekly classes are designed to incorporate Computational Thinking principles and exercises that your child can use in coding, and even in life!

Adam: My daughter is not exposed to coding, but she loves to tinker with toy robot parts. Is GCP suitable for my child?

RCA: Yes! Your child does not need to have any knowledge in coding to join the programme. While GCP’s curriculum covers coding platforms and programmes – such as Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, micro:bit and many more – there will opportunities for your child to code and tinker with robots at the same time. We do dive into robot programming with the mBot platform as well.

Hands-on experience: A student learns how to build a robot that will be coded thereafter.

Anna: I don’t know if my son will like GCP. Do you have trial classes?

RCA: We absolutely do! You can sign up for a free trial class here.

When you attend a trial class, you can expect a very personalised experience where our trainers will do a live evaluation and propose a curriculum roadmap to suit your child’s learning needs. We will share this roadmap with you during a free 1-to-1 consultation. At the end of the session, your child can take the project that he worked on and share it online. He may even be able to publish his own game!

If you’re curious about how the class is conducted, we are more than happy to have you observe the trial class from outside. And should you have any questions about how the class was conducted, you may ask the instructors towards the end of the session.

Adam: My daughter is only 7 years old. Is she too young for the programme?

RCA: That is, in fact, a great age to get your kids started with coding! Our programme is suitable for children ages 6 and above.

Kiddies can code too!

We believe in a good 1:3 teacher-student ratio.

Adam: Can both my son and daughter attend classes at the same time and place? Even though their level of knowledge in coding is different?

RCA: Definitely. Each child has a learning plan customised to suit his or her level. This is how personalised our programme’s learning experience is.

Anna: I know that my children will be able to learn some skills from GCP. But, what can the skills be used for in their future?

RCA: As we move into the digital world, coding is increasingly one of the most sought-after skills for youths to pick up. This is so as coding will train your child in Computational Thinking (CT) skills, which is an essential skill in the 21st century.

While your children are introduced to CT skills through GCP’s coding classes, they will also have many opportunities to learn block-based programming – a stepping stone to learning syntax programming for more advanced coding subjects such as C++ in the future.

One of our students, Darius, a 12-year-old boy from Rosyth School, has a meaningful ambition that he’d like to achieve with coding: “I like the App Inventor as it is very interesting. I want to create applications that are useful for other people.”

Darius, 12: “I want to create applications that are useful for other people.”

Like what you see? Your kids can code too!

If you’ve got a kid who would like to learn to code or simply code for fun, do check out our Genius Coder Programme or keep in touch to receive news and updates about other coding workshops. Your kids will be able to learn programming languages, like Scratch and Python, and code with robots such as mBots, Dash and many more!